Wow, just wow.

— feeling amazing
A Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston, Bryan Cranston

Okay, where do I begin. Before I read this book I saw just the face of Walter White (Breaking Bad) and Hal Wilkerson (Malcolm in the middle). But now I feel like Bryan is a life long friend after diving into his past through the printed page.


And I can only say he is a man of many talents. He has lived an extraordinary life. From a small boy to an adult man we see the man behind the meth (Breaking Bad joke). I rarely read biographies of celebrities but this one really took the cake. It is currently sitting on my shelf as if it was the holy grail itself, shining its bountiful glory crying out the words "read me, read me". To any fans of Bryan Cranston's book, I give you these three words. Buy This Book. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you and carry on reading.